CV Fundraising Page- Supporting those who serve!

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Thousands of people are living on the margins – facing homelessness, hunger, abuse, and countless other challenges. Have you ever wondered how you could really make a difference? Some give by serving, while others serve by giving.

 Do you know someone who is about to begin one or two years of service through CVIF? Honor this remarkable and selfless commitment by making a donation today.  CVs are an amazing resource for agencies struggling to keep up with the needs of the community, these CV’s often fill positions that would otherwise remain vacant.  CVIF needs to fundraise approximately $7,000  to support each Catholic Volunteer. This includes everything from recruiting and placing volunteers, service site visits, orientation and four retreats for personal and spiritual growth, travel reimbursement to CVIF sponsored events, and  professional growth seminars.  Additionally CVIF provides health insurance, housing, and a small living stipend so our volunteers can live their calling.  CVs could not have this incredible opportunity if it were not for their generous family and friends!  Thanks to donors like you, the Catholic Volunteers in Florida is able to provide the opportunity for these exceptional men and women to live out their faith and to serve over 8,000 marginalized Floridians in a time when now more than ever community support is needed.  Because of your generosity they are making a difference.

To donate to our general fundraising goal please click here.