Partner Site Application Process

Having a CV serve at your organization means more than having an enthusiastic, dedicated worker at a low cost, it means participating in a program that is directed toward the service of others. Our volunteers bring enthusiasm, open minds, new perspectives and a willingness to engage with and learn from the staff and the communities they serve.

Our volunteers are college graduates who are eager to use their education to contribute to the well-being of those who have not enjoyed the privileges that have been theirs. They are capable, dedicated and ready for responsible positions. They are ready to serve as case managers, teachers, legal aid assistants, resident assistants, mentor match specialists and volunteer coordinators.

As a participating service site you would be required to make a monthly financial commitment toward the support of the volunteer. There are no benefits that you have to provide in addition to the service site fee. CVIF handles the disbursement of the living allowance to the volunteers, taxes, and health insurance. We also provide furnished housing. Other expectations of the service sites include adequate supervision, mentoring, evaluations and allowance for in-service leave for CVIF activities.

To apply or to request more information, please contact Ms. Valarie Amica, our Service Site Director, by email at or call her at 407-426-7771.