Where We Serve


Volunteers are involved in social work, shelters, health care, food banks, legal services, teaching, working with farm workers, senior citizens and in other fields. Each volunteer’s placement is a careful match between their skills and interests, the needs of the service site and available resources.

Our partnerships grow and change every year! We have had volunteers serve in a variety of Florida cities including Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Sarasota, Tampa, Orlando, Kissimmee St. Cloud, Miami, and in the Dominican Republic through the Diocese of Orlando’s Mission Office.

Examples of our service sites and positions include, but are not limited to:

  • Shelters for homeless at-risk teens and adults
  • Disaster relief and emergency family services for children in the dependency system
  • Case management and residential assistants for homeless vets
  • Residential assistants for adults with developmental disabilities
  • Paralegals and attorneys working on immigration rights and child dependency issues
  • Patient and child advocates in a hospital setting
  • Mentors for inner city schools
  • Teachers and counselors in early education.



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