Tim Tebow is a big old boy. That why Urban Meyer didn hesitate to give him the ball. When Tebow (6 3, 240) takes a shotgun snap and builds momentum it a very high percentage play for the Gators.. Kyle said the idea that the family voluntarily chose to from their huge 30,000 square foot mansion in Roswell was bull. They had to short sell, he said, to keep the bank from seizing it. That why the house was sold under cost at $2.1 million in June when it was for sale for $2.4 million..

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Enter Kopbusters. This group of brave individuals has decided to take on the establishment using the same methods that corrupted law enforcement has been using for years. Normally I would be against entrapment, because normally entrapment is used when a thought crime and not a real crime has been committed, but in this case a real crime was committed and I feel a taste of ones own medicine is justified.

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