Application Process

Thank you for your interest in the Catholic Volunteers in Florida. We are excited that you have made the informed decision about applying to live and serve as a Catholic Volunteer. 

Many of our volunteers have said that this program was instrumental in changing their lives. CVIF allows volunteers to learn the true importance of giving back to the community and that service can truly be a way of life. Living as a Catholic Volunteer will challenge your relationships and will change your personal and professional outlook. Alumni say that doing a year of service will change your life in the most unexpected and amazing ways if you let it! 

Before you apply, consider that being a CV is much more than a commitment to service. It is also a commitment to understanding the inner changes you will experience while performing full-time service. It is a commitment to increased social awareness, an enlivened spiritual life and continued personal development. 

Our volunteer year is a combination of service, spiritual development, growth and sharing life experiences. Consequently, throughout the application process we will ask you questions to reflect on all of these areas. Our hope is that your discernment with us will help you fully respond to your “call” to service and social justice.  To assist in your personal planning, you should be aware that the evaluation and placement process is rigorous and selective.

The application process is unique in that many of our questions and interviews will discuss personal reflections as well as professional inquiries. Your application materials will be reviewed by our office staff and may also be shared with agencies which have requested an individual with your skills. Two interviews will be conducted prior to your final acceptance: one with two directors, and one with a board member.  After acceptance you will have a final interview with a potential service site. All interviews will be done by phone or via Skype, unless you plan to be in the Central Florida area at the time of your interview.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss any other questions you may have about  the application process and would be happy to connect you with past or current volunteers who can share what it’s like to be a Catholic Volunteer in Florida. We are happy to answer questions about placements, volunteerism, and put you in contact with others who have served in the past.  

Reach us by phone at 407-426-7771 or by email at

Application Materials
Once we receive the following documents, your interview will be scheduled.

      •  Online Application which can be found by clicking here
      •  Resume & Essay emailed directly to
      •  Contact Information for Four References (we will send out a reference form to be completed) 
      •  College Transcripts (pending transcripts are accepted prior to the interview, upon graduation official transcripts must be submitted).