Mission Statement

Catholic Volunteers in Florida is dedicated to providing people of all faiths the opportunity to volunteer for a year and live out their faith by serving the diverse needs of the people of Florida. Catholic Volunteers work toward justice and peace, transforming the community they serve as well as themselves. 


~Doing Justice~
Volunteers work toward justice and peace by serving at nonprofit organizations that strive to empower the marginalized and poor in our community. Through direct service, volunteers accompany the community they are serving while being challenged to change larger social and systemic disparities that create injustice.

~Active Spirituality~
By integrating reflection and prayer into our daily lives, we live more at peace with ourselves and one another. We are then called to witness our faith through action and service to others.

~Creating Community~
Whether living alone or in a shared-roof experience, community requires a conscious effort. A healthy community provides both support and accountability in living out our values.

~Living Simply~
By becoming more aware of our true needs and limited resources we can learn to walk softly on the earth. Volunteers attempt to live a simple lifestyle while being more aware of their daily actions in challenge to society’s growing consumerism.

~Personal Growth~
Creating a well-balanced life, we strive toward a healthy mind, body and spirit while having FUN.