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American Heart Association and Catholic Volunteers, Spirit 90.5 FM, 2018
In May 2018, Catholic Volunteers, Vanessa, Marya, and Amorandah, were interviewed by Spirit 90.5 FM. They talk about CVIF, their experience as volunteers, and how you can get involved!

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Service Year begins for Catholic Volunteers in Florida, Florida Catholic, 2015
“My mom got excited since this is exactly the type of group I wanted to be part of,” said Allen, who is 29. “I know it’s my passion to somehow serve God. I think volunteering will put me on a good path to see how I can be of service to my community.”

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It’s More Than A Job, One Community’s Story, 2011news 4
Three volunteers: Candileri, Pauyo, and Halstead share their experience. “Candileri said that at Catholic Legal Services she is learning about the plight of illegal immigrants.“If you’re not legal, then you don’t have bootstraps to pull yourself up with,” she said.”
“Callan Garcia, the supervising attorney at the Fort Lauderdale office, had three other Catholic Volunteers work in his office and calls them “gems.” “Amanda really fills a gap,” Garcia said. “She’s catching on quickly. We’d be in trouble without her. The need is great. It’s tough for non-profits these days.”

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Pax Christi , Presentation to the Catholic Volunteers, 2010
“Last week, I gave a presentation to a group of lay volunteers in mission, the Catholic Volunteers in Florida. We did a Lenten scripture study together, sang, shared information on the Pax Christi USA internship program, and more. Here are some photos with this extraordinary group of young adults.”



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Eye Opening Experience At The Heart Of Service 2010
“Although she (Rachel Rodgers) jokes about the strong effects of Cuban coffee, Rodgers is serious when she speaks about how her experience as a Catholic Volunteer in Florida has made a permanent positive impression on her life. “This kind of program and opportunity, the experience itself is so amazing,” said the 23-year-old. “There is so much to learn, and to think where our experiences are going to take us, it’s a gift. It really is hard to find wonderful opportunities like what Catholic Volunteers offers.”

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Relationships That Bind – La’Ache Harbor House, 2009
“Sally searched the Web for volunteer opportunities. Through Catholic Volunteers in Florida, she was connected to L’Arche Harbor House in Jacksonville. It was the kind of location she’d been looking for, but at first, Sally couldn’t see herself at L’Arche. “I didn’t have experience with community living or with physical or developmental disabilities, so I was uneasy about it. Honestly, I said no at first because I was scared. Then, right when I hung up the phone, I realized my mistake. God was telling me to go for it. So I picked up the phone and called back.”

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Pallotti Center, CVIF My Story, by Michael Pillara, 2009
“When I accepted the invitation to be a Catholic Volunteer in Florida, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I knew only that I was signing a year of my life away on the dotted line, and that the three people I had talked to on the phone seemed so nice and compassionate…The ability to be a volunteer for an organization which has its sole purpose as helping others, is absolutely amazing. I always filled all of my free time with volunteer work in college, but this is the first chance I have had to fill all of my time with volunteer work… At this point nearly 75% of my CVIF experience is complete and I can say confidently that it has exceeded all personal expectations I might have had by over 200%!”


Statement of Support for Catholic Volunteers in Florida, 2005Bishops Support
“The Bishops of Florida challenge young Catholic adults to one year of full time service and faith formation… We are called to explore and deepen our relationship with God and with other, and thereby better understand ourselves. A dedicated year of service and faith formation… will help you to become who you are.”



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Moment of Truth, Danice Crawford
“Danice Crawford called it her “Moment of Truth”. Now, just over one year later, Crawford is finishing up her volunteer year with the Catholic Volunteers in Florida as the first emergency response coordinator for Catholic Charities of Central Florida.”

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“I knew very little about rural life and the farm-working community in Immokalee and even though there were many uncertainties, I took a leap of faith and trusted that God would lead me to where I was supposed to be,” O’Hern said. “I came to Immokalee with an open mind and open heart, essential prerequisites to committing both my time and talents to a community truly in need.”