Our Volunteers

Rev. Pat O’Neill and Peace Corps alum John Geiger founded Catholic Volunteers in Florida in 1983, inspired by a vision of lay missioners living out the gospel while serving economically poor and marginalized communities in Florida. Our volunteers serve in cities all over Florida: Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and Tallahassee, to name a few. They work toward justice and peace, transforming the communities they serve, as well as themselves, by focusing on the five Catholic Volunteer values: active spirituality, doing justice, creating community, personal growth, and living simply. CVIF provides people of all ages and experiences the opportunity to live out their faith by serving those with the greatest need.

Having a CV serve at your organization means more than having an enthusiastic, dedicated worker at a low cost; it means participating in a program that is directed toward the service of others. Our volunteers bring enthusiasm, open minds, new perspectives, and a willingness to engage with and learn from the staff and the communities they serve.

CVIF Benefits

CVIF provides benefits for volunteers including furnished housing; monthly stipend up to $500; health insurance for volunteers; retreats and professional development; and vetting of candidates for 11-month commitment.

Service Site Responsibilities

As a participating service site, you would be expected to supervise and support the volunteer in achieving goals outlined by position description developed by your organization; excuse volunteers from service to participate in quarterly retreats (dates provided in advance); demonstrate positive community impact as a result of volunteer support; share commitment to Catholic Social Teaching and CVIF values of doing justice, living simply, active spirituality, building community and personal growth. There is also a sliding scale site fee ranging from $12-$20K.