Benefits and Housing

Though the benefits described below represent the tangible support volunteers receive over the course of their service commitment, the greatest benefit volunteers experience is immeasurable — a life changing encounter with God and others in giving of one’s self. The financial benefits described here are meant to help make these moments possible. No one is expected to get rich in volunteer service.

Your benefits package includes:

  • FURNISHED HOUSING:   Although the actual accommodations may vary from region to region, shared-roof & apartment-style housing is the norm.  As mentioned, it is our experience that living in community is a very important part of the year, however every so often it is necessary for members to live in single housing.  This is determined in the application process. The key is to be flexible!When CVIF staff selects housing the following considerations are made: how much is the monthly rent of apartment, how much are utilities, how far a distance must each room mate drive to and from the service site.  Our goal is to provide safe housing within 30 miles of your service site. We know that the monthly stipend does not go far so we do keep distance in mind when doing the search.  Prior to your arrival, CVIF requires a $500 security deposit from each volunteer to secure housing.  This deposit will be returned in full upon successful completion of the service year pending any deductions made by the landlord or monies outstanding due CVIF.   The community is responsible for their own utilities.  As a community you must decide who will be responsible for being the contact for each of the utilities.  YOUR FIRST CHALLENGE AS HOUSEMATES! Although several are needs: water, electric, trash etc., other community expenses are wants.  It is important to discuss these needs and wants prior to moving in together. We will provide opportunities for communication before your move-in date.
  • MONTHLY STIPEND of up to $500. Catholic Volunteers will provide you with a stipend of  up to $500.00 per month which must be budgeted between your utilities, food, transportation and other personal expenses.  Living in community and sharing some of these expenses is an important part of the CVIF program.  Can you live in similar means to those you will be serving? We challenge our members to live simply.  What does this mean for you?  What worldly things can you live without for a year?
  • Gas reimbursement to/from CVIF-sponsored events including retreats and formation opportunities.
  • HEALTH INSURANCE is offered through Catholic Volunteer Network. Please click on link for more information.
  • TRAVEL REIMBURSEMENT:  Special work required travel will be paid by your service site.  Transportation and gas reimbursement to and from program-sponsored events such as: retreat/workshop, monthly meetings, service projects and formation programs are paid by CVIF.

“Sell all your belongings and give the money to the poor.
Provide yourselves purses that don’t wear out, save your riches for heaven,
where they will never decrease…
For your heart will always be where your riches are.”
– Luke 12. 32-34